oh, the flare bear.

After being happy that I managed a busy Thursday – ironically to prep for the weekend – my body absolutely said enough.

Friday, I just could not get going properly, with more naps than your average preschooler, dealing with achy – achy – joints, and my hands just not cooperating.

i feel seen.

I was really hoping – as Saturday was our 25th reunion picnic at my high school – that the day of rest would mend me – but that was not to be.

I woke up Saturday morning – literally four hours late – to some really pronounced body pain and stiffness – with my feet looking like this:

flare feet barefeet. 😦

It wasn’t exactly how I envisioned the day starting. . .

Initially I snoodled up in my chair and watched the State game with my better half in my pj’s, looking like all kinds of a vision of loveliness.

hail state. there is no photographic evidence of what I looked like for this gameday. it would have frightened small children. . . 😉

Thank goodness for my better half. He took Sara Bug to work and made his amazing tailgate mac and cheese for our dinner. for the night games.

this was so so good. it was Lindsey’s favorite too – and it made my heart smile as we were talking about her. ❤

We enjoyed watching the Alabama game and keeping up with the other goings on as well.

Henry in his UA shirt to help Daddy cheer. ❤

After the games, the flare called for more napping and my better half picked Bug up from work. ❤

Now – though I wish I was mended – it looks like I may be dealing with this for a bit so I’ll be resting my body today as well and doing all the math as I’m on a midnight deadline.

What is so frustrating is that feeling like I was able to accomplish several tasks in one day – even though they were uncomfortable – appears to be what has brought this on. As my fellow spoonies will understand, sometimes we pay for good days with our bodies just going haywire and sending several not-so-good days.


We will manage and mend though.

As always, onward.

part of that spoonie life.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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