something wicked this way comes. . . midterms.

I haven’t gone missing – though I haven’t been able to write as I would like for the past week or so.

As it happens, in the lead up to fall break and midterms, my schoolwork load and schedule has just. . . broken loose. . .

While my math struggles are no secret, this week is really exceptional with its workload – three minor essays (apart from the two I turned in yesterday), a big math review for grade, a math exam, a health promotion exam, meteorology labs, a meteorology lab exam, and a chapter quiz for that class as well.

Those are all due between Wednesday and Friday.

Then next week comes a major – think 20 percent of the total class grade – essay due in my literature class and a midterm in meteorology plus the usual large amount of daily work in the aforementioned lit class. . .

I ❤ school – but midterm week is a stressing time for everyone (and this term has brought a REALLY crazy one).

Still, we had a lovely football weekend here in the Hippie Hut, watching our games with my better half’s fantastic tailgate mac and cheese and yummy snacks and our whole family at home both days. ❤

hail state. ❤
henry’s gameface. ❤
courtney’s mac and cheese. yum.
hippie hut cornbread mini muffins for gameday too.

And, of course, I am SO excited for the arrival of October and Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the bestest Fall things. ❤

It’s actually Homecoming Week in Starkville and the State/Arkansas game this upcoming weekend which should be fantastic – once I survive this *blessed* week o’ work before me.

So back to it I must go.

Hail State. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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