the eighth day of blogmas is a terribly sad one.

Unless you are under the very largest boulder, you know by now that Coach Leach, our Mississippi State Football Coach, has passed away. You’ve likely heard whether you are a sports person or – like several of my nearest and dearest – a “Go Sports!” person, since he was such a larger than life figure that he is being remembered everywhere today.

As more and more information came out through the day yesterday, it became clear that this terrible thing was imminent – but that didn’t take the sting or the shock out of the breaking news story when it came to my phone this morning. article about Coach Leach

I absolutely loved Coach Leach. I loved that he was funny and smart and strange and totally himself. I loved seeing posts around campus of him just hanging out with everybody, doing stuff like kicking off his shoes to play volleyball with the girls team.

clarion ledger article – Best Mike Leach quotes and one liners.

He was just one of my favorites, and, as I sit here listening to all of these lovely memories being shared of him on SEC network, I just cannot believe that we are “remembering Mike Leach.”

My heart aches.

This morning, my sweet husband took two gifts from under our Christmas tree for me to open today instead – because they were Coach Leach presents that were already there. 

One was Coach’s “STATE” sweatshirt that I have not been able to find anywhere – I have a script one but the print ones are just impossible to get – and the other was just the most fantastic sword handled cowbell – yes, a sword cowbell!

These both would have been wonderful gifts already – but now I will treasure them even more. 

(Thank you so so much, baby. I love you to the moon and back. ❤ )

For now, we remember Coach – I am all SEC network today and waiting to listen to the Next Round with my better half tonight – and wait to hear memorial plans from school. Most importantly, we pray for Coach’s family, players, and staff in this time of tremendous loss.

We will miss you, Coach.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other – and I’ll see you for day 9 of blogmas tomorrow.

Grace and Blessings.

Today’s Christmas song is have Lindsey Stirling’s What Child Is This.


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