our first music monday of 2023 – pirate edition for coach leach on bowl game day.

Happy 2023, y’all.

Today is our first Music Monday and it’s also our Mississippi State bowl game at noon in Tampa.

Throughout this bowl season, many teams have paid the most lovely tributes to Coach Leach and it is so appreciated.

He was honored by teams he has previously coached:

Washington State wore this decal.

Texas Tech’s helmet for their bowl game.

All of the SEC teams have also honored Coach. Among them:

Georgia’s Peach Bowl helmet.

Alabama’s Sugar Bowl helmet.

Now as it comes to our team getting ready to take the field. I confess I am a mess about this. All of the sweet tributes just undo me and the past few days I tear up every time I think about our first game without Coach.

To honor him, our prototype helmet looks like this:

I can’t wait to see the final results later this morning.

And our program released this wonderful hype video:

So, looking forward to the game – and with all the kleenex ready – I thought that since Coach was our Pirate and a music lover as well as just a fun joyful person, it would be a nifty thing to have a pirate themed Music Monday today for him.Β 

It feels right to honor Coach and to bring the good juju to our boys playing in the only football stadium in the country with an actual pirate ship. ❀

Of course, when I think of pirate songs, I have to start with one of my favorite songs ever, A Pirate Looks at Forty. First, here is the original, Jimmy Buffett’s version we all know and love:

Then there is also another version I love, recorded at the Kokua Festival in 2008 by Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and Tim Reynolds:

In a totally different realm of music, I adore musical theatre as well and Pirates of Penzance is especially dear to my heart as it was the first live performance I was blessed to see at a local outdoor amphitheater after our long quarantine pause from enjoying live music. One of the best pieces from that work is, to my mind, The Pirate King – and here I share it done by Tim Curry. Oh my word. ❀ :

Another song that came to mind is an old one by Mary Chapin Carpenter – I was a big fan – from a wonderful album she released in the late 90’s called Stones in the Road. The song is just beautiful and is called “The End of My Pirate Days”:

Again with a big shift – but I give you a Muppets pirate video performing the Sex Pistols pirate themed Friggin in the Riggin. Not for the delicate but just ridiculous and funny. Bahaha:

Of course, I have to include Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me. This is the version from Pirates of the Caribbean:

I also am a Tori Amos fan and this is her Pirates:

Again with the change of winds – but a song I like too πŸ˜‰ – Kenny Chesney’s Pirate Flag:

Finally, on a funny and fun note, Sara and I are Veggie Tales people since she was a wee one – so I leave this project with a favorite of ours – The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. πŸ™‚ :

(I have to laugh that one of the things that the Pirates haven’t done is that they’ve “never been to Tampa.” Bahaha.)

Today is going to be a hard one for so many in the Bulldog Family. Praying for Coach’s family and our players as we cheer our team on and remember our Pirate well. ❀

Hail State, y’all.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


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