my 14 days of 44: day 10 – school (and cow) bells are ringing for the bulldogs this week.

As unfortunately is pretty much a usual thing, I have been fighting off a flare and and maybe some kind of ailment the past several days – I feel rough-rough (ugh) – so I am sorry to have been MIA – but I am trying my best to rally because yesterday, the 17th, was the start of Spring semester for all of us at Mississippi State. ❤

After the semester from the pit of hades last term, I am so excited that this term is filled with nifty classes and my professors seem really great.

I also have my first education class and I am stoked.

(Yesterday I got a total surprise when I logged on early in the morning to my new classes and saw that our education professor wanted us to meet in person on WebEx at noon – really unusual for online classes – and I was flying to get through a doctor’s appointment I had early yesterday and also a hair visit to make myself presentable to meet everyone. Whew!)

super excited for my teacher classes. ❤

During the Fall semester, with all the other challenges, of course my computer AND my printer both finally kicked it. Ugh.

(I was able to use our sweet Sara Bug’s computer to finish out the term, thank goodness.)

To get me ready for this semester, my wonderful better half just went above and beyond with the most amazing gifts:

a fantastic new printer for Christmas.
my new computer that I just love for an early birthday gift.

Oh my word. I am so so blessed. ❤

(Thank you so much, baby. I love you to the moon and back.)

As I mentioned, I have definitely been dealing with a flare and fighting off some kind of crud so I am just wiped out still.

It has worked out where today I should be able to stay home and rest lots and do a little cooking for our family and get all of the school things organized and planned out for the next several weeks. ❤

Hopefully, we will be back on schedule now – crossing fingers and toes – and I’ll try my very best to see y’all tomorrow as planned.

so much to get ready for this term. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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