a heartbreaking post for our family. we love you, dave grohl.

It’s taken me a few days to even be able to write this but very suddenly our sweet Dave Grohl became terribly sick and has crossed the rainbow bridge.

baby dave

On Monday, we took her to our vet’s office and they began running tests and things were very concerning. Just heartbreakingly, late Wednesday afternoon our wonderful vet, Dr. B, called me and told me there was just nothing that could be done with so many things that were going wrong for her.

We were just devastated.

As it was, I have been still oh-so-sick and could not go in the building so my husband immediately went to talk to our vet and see what could be done to let me see her – ❤ – and the amazing staff at our vet’s office actually brought her out to me on a little gurney and let our family have time with her sitting in the back of my car and love on her with her enjoying the breeze.

I am so grateful for that and that my husband and our Sara Bug were with her through everything.

We are crushed.

Dave Grohl was our first baby puppy my husband rescued literally from a ditch in Hamilton when he was working and she had been abandoned. She was the best surprise ever to come home to.

dave’s first picture. ❤

Of course, she was so tiny and we thought she was a “he” – so we looked like two big dummies when the vet told us otherwise a couple of weeks later – but by then she was already Dave Grohl.


As she grew, she ate a whole couch, some walls, all sorts of things. . . She hit the puppy destructive phase hardcore.

She was eight years old and we are so incredibly sad.

dave with dax and juliet. ❤

We love you forever, sweet girl.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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