who the heck is allergic to ducks?!?

As y’all know, I’ve been fighting my autoimmune diseases for several years while getting more and more sick. I’ve also developed multiple food intolerances and many GI issues recently – which is not at all uncommon as I have celiac disease as well.

I knew I was allergic to eggs but have been reacting to many other foods as well. To decrease the inflammation in my body, I felt it was time for some serious allergy testing so I sent off samples a month ago and have been waiting on the results.

As it is my hope that taking a more holistic approach will help my body heal, I’ve also been learning more about food additives and MSG – and I believe with all of my heart that it HAS to go. I learned about it in nutrition school but studying it more in relation to my disease has truly convinced me.

MSG is Dangerous — The Science Is In

If you don’t have the time to read this article, just have a quick look at some of the potential side effects of MSG:

It is also worth noting that, for experiments, mice are actually given MSG to make them gain weight. Humans are five times more sensitive to MSG than mice. If you are struggling with your weight, this is something you might want to consider as well.

Also, MSG appears under so many names and in so many places in processed food that it is incredibly difficult to keep up:

We all have to make our own choices when it comes to our foods – but we definitely should be informed. MSG is one ingredient I encourage everyone to research and understand.

All that said, my allergy test results came in tonight.

And. . . WOW.

They didn’t take any health history, just the samples, so I was glad to see my egg and gluten allergies “confirmed” to indicate the accuracy of this testing.

But, y’all, my allergies?


  1. Coffee – #fixitjesus
  2. Gluten
  3. Eggs
  4. Oats
  5. Soy (my daddy always said all that healthy tofu I insisted on eating was gonna kill me. bahahaha!)


  1. Ducks – Really???
  2. Fungus – including molds, mushrooms, toadstools
  3. Larch – the tree turpentine comes from
  4. Meadow Fescue – a type of grass
  5. Mould-I-Allergen – another mold reaction

WOW again, says I.

So much to process. Some of it, like the ducks, just made me laugh.

luckily, this is my pet duck.

Some of it is really serious.

As you can see, exposure to your allergens can cause – or worsen – symptoms so I am hopeful that removing my allergens will at least improve my health.

I did not realize until I began researching just how much soy is also in processed foods. It is everywhere.

It is also worth noting that many dietitians believe that those with soy allergies should avoid MSG and vice versa due to a cross reactivity that exists anyway – so the MSG needs to go for multiple reasons from my diet.

Though it will be difficult, the only solution for me, as someone who is diagnosed with multiple inflammatory diseases, as well as allergies to gluten and soy, and who is needing to avoid MSG (which is also strongly linked to worsening fibromyalgia), is to avoid processed foods altogether.

I have long been an advocate of a whole foods diet – but, like most Americans, particularly one who is sick with multiple broken bones as well, sometimes convenience wins out. This ends today.

Inflammatory diseases – like RA and celiac disease – can never improve if the things that continue to cause inflammation, like allergens, are constantly introduced into the body. This is serious.

I’ve long been talking about needing to carry my own snacks even because there are few acceptable snacks on the go for celiacs and I’m also diabetic these days. Well, now, I’m the food from my own kitchen, lunch bag lady.

Honestly, yesterday morning I was talking to my husband about a lower carb diet because I was worried about my weight. I have been losing weight as my prednisone is decreasing but not as fast as I would like. Now I realize this is SO much bigger. I’m sure the weight will continue to come off – but I need to heal.

I’m getting after healing like it’s my job.

Because it is.

I have lots to do and much to hang around for. I need to be as healthy as I can be as far as it is up to me. It’s going to be difficult – because it involves big change and doing things no matter how unwell I feel at times – but we can do hard things. I have faith.

I’ll keep y’all posted on this adventure.

Be well, everybody. Happy Friday.

Grace and Blessings.

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