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sober thursday.

This wasn’t today’s original post. Today was already mostly ready and planned out. But sometimes the message keeps coming through that there is something else more pressing I need to write about  (more on that in a bit) – so I will. This was my Monday. I know I always say I am grateful –…

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wanting more (and less) in 2019

Yesterday morning, I read an article about Colin O’ Brady becoming the first person to ever cross Antarctica unassisted, a truly incredible feat. The explorer who attempted the same, Henry Worsley, in 2016 fell ill and passed away, just 30 miles short of his goal. Still, what an amazing attempt. It is also…

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My sleep schedule is bizarre to say the least. I often sleep in two or three hour increments. My pain wakes me at all hours. My body will abruptly insist that I go lay down – no matter what I’m doing. I can even sleep for a few hours sitting straight up (my family hates…

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