no more.


I was already just raw with the feeling of injustice from seeing that Colin Kaepernick has yet again been kept from trying out for an NFL team earlier this week.

Yes, I know he is choosing to (non-violently) protest (as is all of our right to do).

Yes, I know he is aware of the repercussions of his actions (unjust though they are).

That in no way changes the fact that we are watching systemic injustice on a large-scale as he is essentially blackballed from the NFL – while all manner of truly horrific behavior among players seems to (so far) go unpunished.


And then yesterday I saw the story of the two young black men who were arrested for literally sitting in Starbucks, waiting for their friend before they ordered.

And I read the articles.

And watched the video.

And again I am raw and sick with anger and confusion as to how the hell this even happens in 2018.

injustice 1

I am such a frequent flyer at Starbucks that my Gold Card has my maiden name on it – and my husband and I have been married for a hot minute now.

I’ve walked in and sat and used the wifi without ordering anything when I just needed to get something done in a hurry.

I’ve even been given ice water when I didn’t want any thing “Starbucks-y” that day while I used my computer for long stretches of time.

I’ve never been looked at twice.

And I’m thankful that, as a crowded coffee shop looked on in disbelief, someone picked up her phone and started recording what was happening to these young men because she was pissed off at the injustice of it too.

I can’t imagine how it feels to be singled out and so violated. And, as someone who is so pale that I almost burst into flames when I walk into the sunlight, there are many things about these horrible experiences I won’t ever fully understand.

But I do know this is so so effing WRONG. And it absolutely breaks my heart.

And I will stand up and say so. And shout it from the tallest tree stump I can find. And I will help whenever and wherever I can.

I won’t stand by and watch these injustices be done and remain silent.

Silence is complicity.

And we belong to each other.

injustice 2


Addendum: I saw this article after I posted. Something is terribly wrong.