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Today’s originally planned post – about health and doctor news and spoonie stuff – can wait. There is too much to talk about right now that cannot be put on hold, some of it from Twitter, some of it in the news, the worst of it wreaking havoc and terror on the lives on innocent […]

I’ve been doing SO much sleeping since I last wrote – but now it’s time to get all caught up. Journeying Home On Tuesday, we had a fabulous trip back. During the first part of our return home, from Montreal to Newark, we were on a very small plane, a United Express, and I, having […]

i believe in loving my people – two and four legged – big, with all of my might. i believe in being kind, to humans and animals and the earth. i believe in giving, whenever i am able, of my time, care, and resources. i believe in grand adventures and weenie dogs and road trips […]

As you probably know, it’s Pride month – and a Happy Pride to you all! You also know that I live in Alabama. As such, I have many things to share, some unpleasant, most lovely, today. So, let’s begin. What Target Doesn’t Understand For starters, last week my daughter, Sara, mentioned that many people on […]

An ugly ugly thing has come to my attention. During a debate on the passage of a restrictive abortion law, a state senator in Oklahoma said, while trying to advance his agenda (of course), that RAPE is God’s will. And incest as well. Really. Here is the article – and it contains the YouTube video: […]

As one of that rarest of endangered species, a liberal (very liberal) Alabamian, I’ve been watching the cards falls, sick to my stomach, over the past several days. Honestly, this new law, HB 314, is being written about so extensively nationally that I was resolved not to write about it here – but it won’t […]