oh, how we will miss you, RBG.

My word, what a day. Many people will be writing about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the coming days - often with more information and insight than I have, I'm sure. . . but I cannot imagine talking about anything else right now. Since the breaking news appeared on my phone, I have been sitting,... Continue Reading →

protecting our girls.

There are moments that the words don't reach There is suffering too terrible to name You hold your child as tight as you can And push away the unimaginable The moments when you're in so deep It feels easier to just swim down. . . -- It's Quiet Uptown, Lin-Manuel Miranda   On Wednesday, Daisy... Continue Reading →

what (terrifying) dreams may come

A few nights ago, I went to sleep after a lovely day with my family that also came with some terrible news in my city and state and a somber day in my spoonie community. At the same time, my body was exhausted from a gnarly flare that Just. Won't. Quit. I'm improving from my... Continue Reading →

crossing the lines.

Across the lines Who would dare to go Under the bridge Over the tracks That separates whites from blacks Choose sides  Run for your life Tonight the riots begin On the back streets of America They kill the dreams of America Little back girl gets assaulted Ain't no reason why Newspaper prints the story And... Continue Reading →

world on fire.

So, while my baby boy has been a health crisis, it also feels in the past days as if the world is caught up in an awful hateful fire too. And I have to say some things. Tragedy Strikes Saturday afternoon, news broke of a white supremacist shooter, who had just turned 21, who drove... Continue Reading →

home! and a goulash type post.

I've been doing SO much sleeping since I last wrote - but now it's time to get all caught up. Journeying Home On Tuesday, we had a fabulous trip back. During the first part of our return home, from Montreal to Newark, we were on a very small plane, a United Express, and I, having... Continue Reading →

i believe.

i believe in loving my people - two and four legged - big, with all of my might. i believe in being kind, to humans and animals and the earth. i believe in giving, whenever i am able, of my time, care, and resources. i believe in grand adventures and weenie dogs and road trips... Continue Reading →

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