fire on the 4th.

This 4th, even more so than the past several, I am feeling especially jaded – and angry and as though my personal space has been completely violated.

(And, considering the medication issue that has come to my attention – on this, the seven year anniversary of my beginning methotrexate therapy –  my personal space HAS been violated.)

I know I am not alone.

There is a rally in my area that I planned to attend – but have found myself too physically unwell to at this moment. I have some major autoimmune symptoms held over from the flu and whatnot – migraines, gnarly joint pain, exhaustion – continuing to knock me out.

Still, I will use my corner here to say what I need to.

Though our family does not ever use fireworks on the 4th – so insanely wasteful and, Lord, do we HATE them for our fur babies – this year we REALLY feel less than celebratory. . . so, I give you, my ladies especially who are feeling these past few weeks deeply with me, Nikita Gill’s “Fire” instead.

It just hits right.

Fire for the 4th this year. ❤

Be heard. Be loud. Give them t-total hell.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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