on a mission.

Recently, I have been researching complementary therapies to hopefully improve my health and pain levels - in addition to, not in place of, my traditional medication regimen (though I would love to see that reduced one day - but that isn't anything I foresee unfortunately). See, with my physicians, it feels as though I am... Continue Reading →

new year’s day

My precious friend Chani and I both managed have to have a beast of a health year, each in our own way, in 2017. She is battling cancer - and fighting like the fierce woman she is! - and she REALLY had to bring it last year. So, just this New Year's morning, we both... Continue Reading →


I really love the idea of choosing a word as a┬ákind of an intention for the year and I've been thinking it over for the last week or so and gone through several choices before I finally settled on one: well. I think it encompasses exactly what I intended with my all of my other... Continue Reading →

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