new year. new things. new business.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am starting off 2018 working on some personal health goals. As long-term steroid therapy has not been kind to my weight, it is time to find a way to lose some extra pounds. I am hopeful that it will help my joint pain (at least a little), and, as RA significantly increases cardiovascular disease risks, it is important to maintain an appropriate BMI. Finally, though it is less important, I will feel so much better when I look like myself again.

So, it was time to devise a final plan that was reasonable and appropriate for my body and state of health. I have decided on the Daniel Plan (which I love and will be using with my health coaching clients when they leave the choice to me – but more on that later) and adding some oils to support digestion and metabolism.

my planner, the Daniel Plan book, my food log, and my EOs. Leggo!

As I organized everything for my new years health plan, Sara and I talked about starting our oil classes again.

We are both passionate about our oils.

I use them to help with my anxiety, I have an oil that is the bombdiggety for study, I have diffusers everywhere (including my car), I have one that I LOVE for scary moods, and I love the YL cleaner so so much.

And Sara’s jam? Rollerballs. She can make the most fabulous scents and is so so good at it. She has had to take many of them to friends at school because they smell her and want some of their own.

We love our oils.

However, I have NEVER been a “sales-y” person and I’ve been really hesitant to jump all the way in because I never, EVER want to be off-putting to friends and family with this.

We all know those “sales-y” people. We see their name pop up and think “what now?”

I so don’t want that.

But I do want to share my oils.

So Sara and I had a talk about what we wanted to do and share and how we wanted to go about our business. And it doesn’t follow the “script” that is all the rage right now in YL (because some people do need a starter kit – and that’s awesome – but some people just need a bottle of Valor and some questions answered and some support – and that’s awesome too).

And we decided to start again our way. With our faves and our Leilani superpup.

And we are super excited.

And, then, while I was working on that, I saw Mama Beth Moore’s tweet today and it really spoke to me:

mama beth’s tweet today really got me thinking

Since I got my certificate to start seeing health coaching clients, I have been trying to decide how to get started. This is also something I am incredibly passionate about. With my background in nursing and now in nutrition, I feel that I can be of service and help people learn to manage their health issues. And, because I live with autoimmune disease myself, I totally understand the struggles of living with chronic illness. And, with my pred battle, I understand the weight struggle from hades. No one need be uncomfortable with me.

eo 2

So, I’ve decided it is time to go for it.

Tonight, I’ll be working on getting my pages up and running to begin seeing clients. I already have several ideas in mind for how to get started, and – despite the outrageous rates suggested in my school group (umm, no) – I plan to offer a super reasonable 6 month package for my first group of peeps.

More than anything, I just really want to start coaching.

I believe I can really help my clients, I am so ready to be able to use my skills again, and I am super stoked.

So. . .  leggo!

one of my favorite c.s. lewis quotes

Working on some exciting projects has definitely made the gnarly flare from hades much more bearable.

Be well, everybody. I hope you are all off to a great start with your 2018 goals and dreams!

Grace and blessings. ❤️💜💚💙💛

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