what a week. what a ride.

The past week has been anything but routine in my world.

Last Friday night, I took our youngest daughter, Sara, and her fabulous friend, Kendra, to see Panic! At The Disco in celebration of Sara’s birthday – which was six months ago (but she was willing to wait to get to go to the show) – and, despite my rebelling body, it was wonderful.

Then, on Saturday, I sincerely hoped, going into my work weekend, that we would have a good one, but that was sooo not to be.

We were short-staffed both nights, the Pink Moon brought everyone’s crazies out to play, another nurse decided – upon seeing me barely able to walk AND after I told her more than ten times I was in tremendous pain – to be a giant pain in the ass all weekend, one patient – who was supposed to be sent out to the pscyh unit during the week before I got there but wasn’t – kept putting himself on the floor but was unable to pick himself up so I was hurt –  as in my stress fracture that had healed re-fractured, my hip went out, and my spine was also involved – while picking him up repeatedly, AND a patient who required one on one care we couldn’t provide was brought in for a five day stay and literally beat the hell out of us all weekend.

It was horrible.

By Monday morning, one of my relief nurses was an hour late, my whole body was throbbing, and I just cried. At work.

Thank God, I made it home and rested and was determined to enjoy my off days as best I could.

On Tuesday, we had another fantastic thing: my mom took the girls and I to see the Birmingham Broadway Series’ Phantom of the Opera, which I’ve been waiting to see since I was a little fourteen year old voice student.

And even the body pain and the wounded foot weren’t going to deter me.

And it was absolutely magical.

But the roller coaster ride wasn’t over, and, on Wednesday morning, I had an accident and did some serious damage to myself:

With the concussion, I’m still having some wicked headaches, I have bruises everywhere, the shiner on my left eye is lovely, all of my joints are on fire from the fall, and the impact finished the break in my left foot that my patient started over the weekend.

It really bites.

The spoonie life is never dull.

Tomorrow morning (actually, today, now that I look at the clock), I see ortho to decide what to do about my foot.

And, of course, my plans are all being rearranged as well.

On my To-Do List for next week, I had already written that I was going to begin my walking and yoga plan and also look for a part-time job that I could do a couple of days during the week when I’m off.

Obviously not.

The part-time job idea is just going to have to be placed on hold, or, maybe, with my unruly health situation, though it would be so helpful, this is a sign that it is just not meant to be.

And it looks like the exercise program will likely have to wait for a couple of months as well.

Still, there are other aspects of the holistic approach to my health that I can work on now.

So far, I’ve changed to all natural personal care products, removed all artificial sweeteners from my diet, am working on removing all preservatives, gone back to a vegetarian diet (I was a vegetarian for years), added some additional supplements my doctor recommended, and removed all alcohol.

I still have many other things to work on and there is so much I want to learn about cooking whole foods but it’s a start.

For now, I wanted to spend some more time studying integrative nutrition and had planned to do so sometime this year anyway, so, since I will obviously be spending a good bit of my time for the next several weeks with my bed and my couch, I am going to focus on reading on the subject and also watching The Teaching Company nutrition courses I have saved.

As a aside, The Teaching Company offers college level course on many fascinating subjects and it’s a wonderful way to study and learn new things at home. I encourage anyone who isn’t familiar with the site to check it out.

For tonight, I am going to get some rest and hope for the very best at the doctor’s office in the morning. As a spoonie, I am not looking forward to yet ANOTHER doctor’s appointment but I am hopeful that this will be a simple fix and even more hopeful that my entire body will heal quickly.

In the end, it’s just another thing to get through and I’m tough.


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