a love list

Since I’ve been pretty sick recently, my posts have been really heavy.

While that can’t be helped sometimes, I’ve decided to offset that with some gratitude.

It’s time for a love list of the good stuff.

There are so many beautiful things in my life, big and small:

my better half:

our unruly herd:

my beautiful bestie:

dave and dax herring:

mickodemus crookshank brimley herring:

my precious family in love – they are amazing:

my school:

my angel water – la croix:

120 sober days:

hip sobriety and the community surrounding it:

meeting a kangaroo (yes, that totally was a huge freaking deal to me!):

gluten free donuts and coffee:

amazing books I love:


janis the fabulous bug:

cooking new vegan recipes:

my better half bringing me flowers:

the nutcracker at christmas:

my stuffed giraffe, gertrude:

vision boarding and making plans:

starting my own little oil business (these are the ones i use everyday):

my to-read bookshelf:

and my other to-read books:

And there is just so much more to be grateful for as well.

Though it’s so easy to get caught up in the symptoms and the doctors appointments and the problems, I am trying my very best not to.

Because my life is so much more.

Be well, everybody.

Love and light. ❤️💙💚💜💛

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