fernweh (so much this now).

fernweh (German): an ache for distant places, missing places you've never been. *craving for travel* As you know if you've been here for awhile, I love to travel. Big adventures, small road trips, little outings around town. . . I just love finding new things to get into with my people. Well. . . Between... Continue Reading →


As y'all can see, things are different here today, and, after saying for so long that I wouldn't be a chronic illness blogger, I've realized that it is time to let go of those ideas. When I was reading through my friend Sara Frankl's book, Choose Joy, a few weeks ago, she wrote this about... Continue Reading →

keep exploring.

First Things First Before I get into what I want to talk about today, I need to share that my Henry had cataract surgery on Tuesday and had some complications. It caused his diabetes to spiral out of control and he had to be admitted to the hospital on Thursday and is still there. As... Continue Reading →

home! and a goulash type post.

I've been doing SO much sleeping since I last wrote - but now it's time to get all caught up. Journeying Home On Tuesday, we had a fabulous trip back. During the first part of our return home, from Montreal to Newark, we were on a very small plane, a United Express, and I, having... Continue Reading →

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