stardust we are.

On Ash Wednesday, we remember our impermanence. Ashes are imposed on our foreheads, both as a reminder of our mortality … More

beauty for ashes

There is a show that I think airs on The CW (originally) called My Last Days. As the title implies, … More

this is my joy

  With my body having an unruly spell, our youngest daughter having autoimmune issues, and my husband experiencing plague this … More

celebrating ryan

Our local Dia de los Muertos Festival is wonderful and I’ve gone several times and even taken pictures of loved … More

a love list

Since I’ve been pretty sick recently, my posts have been really heavy. While that can’t be helped sometimes, I’ve decided … More

when chronic pain is fatal

This morning, I saw something in my Insta spoonie community that is troubling me terribly. This beautiful young woman committed … More