the best prescription i’ve ever gotten

I’ve been having a beast of a time these past few weeks.

Of course I saw ortho and wasn’t healing. He ordered the bone growth stimulator, and, once insurance finally approved it, it turns out that I am expected to use it for ten waking hours per day for more than three months.


I also saw my cardiologist who attributed my tachycardia to my mitral valve prolapse as well as stress and anxiety. She then said it would be okay as long as my heart rate stayed below 160.

My heart rate had frequently been staying around 130-140 and it was NOT okay.

I do have anxiety disorder, and, in the face of worsening health and disability, my panic attacks had come roaring back. As such, my primary physician recommended an emotional support service dog to help me.

Once my time in bed increased significantly, I began struggling more and I talked to my husband about finding the right service dog for me.

Fortunately, on Friday, we found him:


His name is (now) Henry and he is a four year old Dachshund mix. He is a big lovebug who prefers to be with his human at all times and wants cuddles and car rides for his trouble.

He is the best. ❤️

An emotional support animal isn’t for everyone, but, as a dog lover, Henry is great for me. He is allowing me to avoid anxiety meds and he actually helps with more issues than the meds address anyway (and he is the cutest). I am so thankful that it worked out so we could get him.

Here is a great little article on the benefits of emotional support dogs:

He is definitely the very BEST prescription I’ve ever been given. ❤️❤️❤️


Be well, everybody.

Love and light. 💜💙❤️💛💚

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