it’s a (wonderful) dog’s life

If you’ve been anywhere near me – or my blog or my Insta or my Pinterest or my Facebook or my Twitter – in the past few weeks, you know that we adopted the most wonderful little rescue service dog.

He is a four year old Daschund mix, now named Henry, who is with me 24/7, and he is my emotional support puppy.

We have three other super sweet precious doggies and I have had some amazing dogs before as well but Henry is truly the best puppy I have ever had.

The night we brought him home, we had his room all worked out, and, by bedtime, he lived in our room and had taken his half out of the middle of our queen sized bed.

He is gentle and well behaved, already loves his people, and is content to sit with me and keep me company all the time.

Since rescuing is a passion of mine, I feel compelled to share Henry’s story before he was ours though.

In his surrender picture at the Humane Society, he was still known as Hercules and he was so sad:


When we met him, he immediately jumped on the couch with me and laid his little head on my lap:


At that point, he might as well have hopped in my purse because he was going home with us.

After noticing in his sad little picture that he was surrendered with a lovey that didn’t make it home with us, I went to Target and found a new lovey of the same material for him and he adores it now:


And at the vet, we asked about the big scratch on his sweet little nose:


And the vet told me it was from banging his nose on the cage at the Humane Society trying to get out.

And I cried.

I also noticed, before I retired Henry’s Humane Society paperwork for good, that he was past his “date” and the shelter had announced on the news that they were full of dogs.

So it was a miracle that we got our precious Henry.

I don’t write all of this to make anyone sad.

I only write it to say, as I often do, please don’t go to a breeder for your furry family members.

When you are ready to expand your family, please go to the Humane Society always.

And keep an open mind when you do go.

Sometimes a puppy is not what you need.

Sometimes an adult dog can be an amazing blessing to you.

And you will most certainly be an amazing blessing to him or her.

As for our sweet Henry, it’s all good news for him now.

He’s the best service pup in the land, he has trained us well, and we love him so.

To spread the word about rescues and emotional support animals, he even has his own Insta:

Any way we can spread the #adoptdontshop word, we will.

As long as there are other Henrys to be rescued, we are on it.


Be well, everybody.

Love and light. 💚💛💙❤️💜

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  1. This was such a sweet post! I love animals! We adopted our precious cats from the Humane Society! I am so glad we were able to rescue them. Animals really are amazing therapy! Henry is so adorable!!!!


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