new normals

This morning (well, technically, yesterday morning) I got up and got ready early (for me) to go with my husband over to some of our dear friends house to drop off some furniture – and, more importantly for this crazy dog lady, for Henry to take their adorable dog, Checkers, a present we’ve had for him. Priorities, ya know? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, as I was getting ready, it was gameday here in Alabama – Roll Tide! – and I googled and learned for the first time how to tie a scarf around my head:


As I was doing so, I discovered that lots more of my hair – that I thought was coming back in pretty well – has actually let go on this new medicine. Hmmm.

So, today – Sunday – we will actually take it the rest of the way off and I will commence to wearing my headbands and wigs and scarves (I’ve collected scarves for years so I guess I’ll finally get to use them all now) what seems to be permanantly.

Today was also the day my husband and I had to talk about adding some kind of rail next to our bed because getting up is something I really struggle with these days and my ankles, knees, and hips – as well as my balance issues – don’t seem to be improving.

In fact, last week, I had a sudden onset episode where my balance was just off for no reason and I was falling or almost falling randomly. The RA life is really crazy sometimes.

Finally, I also discovered this week just how much I really did need that handicapped parking decal. I can’t express the difference it makes on bad walking days to be able to park up front, walk a few steps, and get on a cart inside a store. Oh my word. It has already made my life so much easier.

But now I really really really do “look sick.” And there is no getting around it.

But the other option? Not taking these meds? Is to look “normal” in my bed all the time.

So I have to accept this new normal, with its cosmetic changes and medical devices and stares from strangers.

Though I usually don’t care what people think, it has been harder than I expected. I think it’s just so much to take in.

Still, I will gladly take all of it to be able to still do things I love to do, even if they have to be modified a bit.

This week, I have two things I am super excited about.

On Tuesday, as part of a rally for our local Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, Vice President Biden is coming to Birmingham to speak and Sara and I are so so excited to get to go see him! For this event, I could not be more thankful for Shadrach the Rollator (thank you again, GJ!), because, without it, going simply would not be an option. Not only will it help me get around, it has a seat for the hours we will have to sit in line and a basket to carry my things. Β Those things are not optional for me anymore for long events.

So, that morning, I will say a big “Thank You” in my morning prayers for everything that I have been given that lets me be independent, load up Janis, put on my cutest noggin scarf, and hit it to see Uncle Joe!

joe biden

Then, next Saturday, there is another outing I’m super stoked about.

If you aren’t familiar with Katie Davis, she is an amazing young woman who moved to Uganda when she was eighteen, founded a wonderful ministry, Amazima, there, and adopted thirteen daughters.

She wrote a book several years ago, Kisses From Katie, that I just love:

katie davis

I also gave to Amazima when I worked, and, as my oil business grows, plan to do so again, when I can. She is close to my heart.

Her new book is coming out this week and I pre-ordered it months ago.

Last week, I learned that she will be here in the States on a three week book tour and will be signing books in Franklin, Tennesee for two hours next Saturday. Sara and I are going to pack some snacks, drive up, and say hello.

I am so excited!

So, right now, I am just really thankful that some of the rough things came around with some of the really good things right around the corner.

Happy Sunday, everybody!

Love and light. β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’š

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