thank you, Gaga

Tonight I watched the new Netflix documentary about Lady Gaga (I love her music and think she is a fabulous person as well).

The film covers the making of the album, Joanne, about her aunt who died from Lupus complications and as well as her own MD visits to deal with her chronic pain which I understand has gotten significantly worse since it was recorded.

What was most striking, though, was a scene where she was literally writhing in pain, crying, as the entire right side of her body had been overcome with some type of muscle spasm and uncontrollable pain. And she allowed it to be recorded. And kept in the film.

As a fellow spoonie, I can’t thank her enough. Because some days look like that.

Our illnesses are ugly as hell.

Even for someone as fabulous as Lady Gaga.

They don’t discriminate.

And they don’t take off days.

Symptoms frequently come out of nowhere.

And either the disease or the side effects of the treatments have a way of changing everything about the way we live.

And sometimes seeing a well known person dealing with it makes all the difference for others to understand just what we are up against.

So, today, for me, I said goodbye to the rest of my hair:

gaga blog

And, with two sick teenagers in our house and a major blowup with the other one, the pain that is working its way up my body went from Code Orange to Code Red in my L-Spine.

Good times.

Tomorrow, I will put on my super fab purple hair, take my meds, and carry on, but tonight I really appreciated Gaga’s fabulous company as I sit with my Spoonie feels.

Be well, friends.

Love and light. ❤️💜💚💛💙

gaga blog 2

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