celebrating ryan

Our local Dia de los Muertos Festival is wonderful and I’ve gone several times and even taken pictures of loved ones to leave at the public altar.

This year was a really special one though.

Our amazing, funny, one of a kind friend, Ryan, just went to the other side ten days ago and so we all went to celebrate him and be together.

We all brought different things and made a beautiful altar for him:

ddlm 9
Ryan’s Altar

And we all got to spend time just being together:

He didn’t want a traditional memorial service and I think this is the kind of thing he would just love.

It was so him.

And it was so all of us.

ryan 4
One of my favorite Trunk or Treat pics of Ryan and Al

It’s still a see you later, friend. I’m sure of it. 💙💙💙

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