this is my joy


With my body having an unruly spell, our youngest daughter having autoimmune issues, and my husband experiencing plague this week, it was time to create some sunshine for sure.

Tonight my husband – plague and all – stayed up to help me get our big Christmas tree decorated (as I already mentioned, Christmas comes to the Hippie Hut as of November 1st) because he is the best.

We turned on Christmas Vacation, made some yummy Christmas coffee/hot chocolate drinks, and put on our favorite Christmas sweaters:

joy 5

And, of course, Henry has his first Christmas at home ornaments too:

joy 4

And, with the aid of lots of Tylenol Arthritis and my better half’s tall to reach the high parts, I think our tree looks super fabulous this year:

joy 3

Tomorrow I’ll finish some little things in our den and I’ll have a super cozy spot to sit by the tree and diffuse the Christmas Spirit and listen to Christmas music and do my school work and just enjoy.

It makes my heart so happy.

This is my joy.

joy 6

Be well, everybody.

Love and light.


  1. It sounds like you had a great evening Miranda. I just have to say Henry is so adorable and he will have so much fun for his first Christmas. I hope things improve for your husband as well. I think it must be a man thing right now my husband has been dealing with a bunch of issues lately and we have not even thought about Thanksgiving let alone Christmas. I wish you lots of luck, wellness, comfort and happiness. Enjoy your weekend!!!


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