what a freaking day


It started last night.

I was getting everything in order for my clean eating renovation and the girls were planning to start our summer swimming for exercise plan and I was good to go with accountability buddies to really start addressing all this medication weight. . . because it is a major health issue at this point, even if it isn’t my fault. And it HAS to be dealt with.

And I explained the reasons it was so serious to my daughters SO damn well – and it is – that, after they left and went to bed, I had hell’s own panic attack and couldn’t go to sleep for fear that my sleep apnea might actually kill me and then they would be half orphans. Yeah, no one said anxiety attacks are reasonable – and, if you have them, you are so not alone.

Anyway, Henry and the Valor EO and I finally got the situation under control around 5 AM and I slept for a couple of hours before I was up and back at it – and a little bit bumfuzzled due to anxiety residual and sleep deprivation.

So I did my daily blog post for my practice and posted it EVERYWHERE and wished everyone a Happy Friday! – and a few hours later my wonderful husband let me know it’s Thursday. Dammit.

Then I went to get dressed to go swimming with the girls and discovered that NONE of my swimsuits fit. That’s right. I can’t go exercise to lose the weight because I’ve busted out of the clothes I need to exercise in. Yippie.

And then I ran into some major undergarment issues that could only happen to me. #prednisonepudgesucks

What. The. Frack.

Oh, and when I got home from erranding, I parked crooked and I hit the lil’ mini trash can when I pulled back in the garage. #fixitjesus

Needless to say, I am working HARD on this weight issue for the sake of my heart – with its insane heart rates – and my extremities and my blood sugar and my self-esteem too.

But for now?

I’m finishing my salad and taking a damn nap.

Good grief.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.



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