my Jesus

The other day, when my husband and I were driving through our town, we saw this sign at one of the local churches and I just said, “WOW.”

We chatted about it a bit then. And again that night. And again the next morning.

It just wouldn’t leave my mind.

So, last night, when I took Sir Henry for his ride, I stopped for a picture and decided it was time to share some thoughts as to why this is really bothering me so.

I grew up in a Baptist church where we sang out of the old Baptist hymnal (as I imagine this church is probably still hymnal singing too) and we sang this song often. It’s been in my head these past several days as I’ve been mulling over this “Turn Or Burn” signage – and why I fear it can be so destructive.

See, so many people already have this judge-y idea of church and church people. Or they’ve already been wounded by church at some point. Or they don’t have any experience with church other than what they see on signs and television and whatnot.

And then they pass this sign. . . 😦

And I understand where the church is going with this. . . but my Jesus didn’t present Himself to people in this way.

During Jesus’ ministry, not only are there frequent descriptions of masses of people following Him, but even small children were drawn to Him. This tells me there was a noticeable gentleness about Him.

Some thoughts from The Ragamuffin Bible.

Not only were children drawn to Jesus, He also ministered to the Samaritan woman, crossing social bounds, both with a woman and with a Samaritan. There were many examples of Him valuing women in a society that didn’t. He was compassionate with the religious leader, Nicodemus, though he was part of the group of people who would ultimately bring Jesus to trial.

And, on the last night of His life, He was washing the feet of His disciples to teach them to be servants. And, of course, He said this:

We are to be people of love.

They will know we are Christians by our love.

And they will come in our churches for our love. I believe that.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.

One of my favorite songs:

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