Madam Pomfrey was holding a large bottle of something labeled Skele Gro.

“You’re in for a rough night,” she said, pouring out a steaming beakerful and handing it to him. “Regrowing bones is a nasty business.”

– Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Well, y’all, I have plenty of news and I’m all kinds of in my feelings right now.

I saw my rheumy on Friday and he finally decided to get moving on the daily injections that will strengthen my bones. While I am hopeful for the therapy, it does last for two years and it is painful – because regrowing bones IS a nasty business – so that part I am not looking forward to. I am waiting on insurance approval right now and hope to start it next week. I pray this will help my feet and hip heal as well.

We are also tapering down so that I can stop my prednisone – which is going to be painful as well – but I am still thankful. Between the crumbling bones and the cardiovascular side effects and the high blood sugar and the weight gain, I am beyond ready to say goodbye to the pred.

We have much going on this week in our home as well.

For our girls, we have our younger daughter going back to school – starting high school – and our older daughter turning 18. It’s hard to believe.

And, on Tuesday, my smartchair will be delivered. I am so SO grateful for it – but I have been a big ball of tears as my better half has been rearranging our house to get ready. I think the gravity of this situation, especially the broken hip, has been sinking in and I just HATE that my body is falling apart so spectacularly.

Still, I am very much looking forward to being able to get around and go and do again. So, on Tuesday, as our youngest says, Speedracer will be at it again. . . =D

As for right now, I’ve been dealing with some sort of respiratory illness and I feel just awful. This has called for lots of resting in bed with Henry – and Steel Magnolias is keeping us company at the moment.

Wishing y’all a fabulous week!

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.




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