let my life be a song

Oh, the beauty of the King

You make righteous those who seek

You have written and redeemed my story

Let my eyes see Your kingdom shine all around

Let my heart overflow with passion for Your name

Let my life be a song, revealing who You are

For You are Salt and Light.

– Lauren Daigle

“Let my life be a song, revealing who You are. . .”
This is truly my heart’s prayer – though some days are harder than others. . .
Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of my Fall small group and I was really excited about it.  I got up, determined to go, despite having spent pretty much all of the day prior to it in bed (It seems that this incoming hurricane is wrecking havoc on all of my dear ones with RA sadly.)
So scary – and the changes in barometric pressure are already so painful for spoonies.

My determination lasted until my shower led to such profound exhaustion that the idea of driving down the street seemed overwhelming. Hrrmmm.


With hurricane exhaustion comes hurricane pain as well – my feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower spine are all involved as well as intermittent stabbing pains in my hands.
Given my rapid decompensation (once I tried to, you know, move), I told my girls I was going to have to cancel my plans and sent my husband a text at work that I was going to try to make it to the store as planned but small group was out of the question because my shower had taken me out.
He immediately called me and told me to stay in bed and rest. He said that he would take me and Henry and my smartchair all to the store after he got off of work (even though he has the crud himself). Yes, he is amazing – and I have more to say about him in a minute.
But, first, after he called, I was still pretty (umm, super) bummed about having to cancel small group due to my RA when my Laura Bug – who is so talented when it comes to all things art, makeup, and hair – decided that today was the day she was going to do my hair for me since I had been putting it off.
Sure enough, she gave me a makeover that made me feel much better:
yay for red! and grey be gone!

After that, I sat with my worship music playing, regrouping and realizing that it will probably be a bed WEEK this week, between a very active weekend last weekend and the hurricane now.

I also realized that I needed to get grateful, as gratitude is always the answer.

My Sick Week Gratitudes:

My Amazing Better Half:

Y’all, I know I write about my husband sometimes but you really have no idea. I’ve read a couple of pieces recently from spoonies who even describe spouses who are just downright mean because they don’t understand what it is like to live chronic illness and it just breaks my heart. My better half is wonderful to me, looking after me all the time and constantly trying to make life easier and better.
Even this week, as I’m in bed, I’ll have an even more cozy room to rest in – because he has recently rearranged again to create more space and make our bedroom better for me since that is where I am most of the time:
I have a fridge with my La Croix and a whole area to make hot tea and all sorts of goodies – and, of course, Henry has his own lil’ closet now. 😉
I am so incredibly blessed.
Henry The Wonderpup:
I know y’all are quite familiar with my Wonderpup but that doesn’t change that I am so incredibly thankful for my little buddy who is always by my side. During sick weeks – and “healthy-ish” weeks – he never leaves me. He is such a blessing to our family and we all love him so.
My Girls – And Homeschool:
I can’t begin to list all of the things my sweet Sara Bug does to help me during the day. She constantly looks after me and is usually such a sweet help.
Apart from those things though, for years I would have sworn I would never homeschool. However, now I could not be more thankful that we are able to. I am constantly hearing stories and reading things coming from public schools in general – and our local school specifically – that have made me so glad that we are a homeschool family after all. It’s funny how God has different – and better – plans than we would have ever imagined sometimes.
Our Precious Family:
Y’all, our family is truly just wonderful.
Yup. Yup. Yup.
I can’t say it enough.
That is all. ❤
Books & Quiet Time & Writing:
Since it is going to be a resting few days, I have a big stack of books on my nightstand to work on as well as quiet times I plan to have and more writing for my book I will be doing and some pieces I am working to submit.
Lots of good things for which I am so grateful.
Even during sickly hurricane weeks, gratitude is a magnet for miracles.
Be well, everybody. Keep singing your songs.
Grace and Blessings.

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