a spoonie-get-well week.

It’s a medical week here, with more extra doctor’s appointments and whatnot and some conditions flaring that haven’t in quite some time, in addition to my RA.

So today, during the day, I got all of the sleeps.

Yesterday, though, Sara and I rode with my husband to see our family, and got to visit with Mom while my husband helped Pop work on a project. It was so good to see them.

A stop at the Peach Park on the way to Mom & Pop’s.

And, then, tonight – after the day of hibernation – I had a wonderful, much needed outing with my bestie, talking and eating ALL the yummy food:

my beautiful bestie and me.

We had the best dinner and dessert at Mellow:

And it was so so good to spend time with her.

Now I’m home, piled up in bed, washing linens, and hanging out with these guys:

As I mentioned earlier, my health situation has definitely derailed even more recently so I have some additional doctor’s appointments this week. After a yummy treat night tonight, I’m also going to be back on strict Paleo as well (I’m all about the 80/20 life). I’ll be sharing some recipes for sure.

Apart from those things, I’ll be focusing on resting and studying.

Also, I received the sweetest sweatshirt in the mail today from my fellow spoonie, Mary, who is battling worsening CF. Please keep her in your prayers.

10 1 8

And, finally, a friend posted this verse today and I thought it definitely was a good one to share:

Be well, everybody. Happy October!

Grace and Blessings.


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