oh my word. what a thursday morning – and, owww, my foot. :(

Originially, this was going to be a political type post (fear not, that has totally changed).

However, Monday night was a bad weather night in my state. What that means for me is this:

James and I burn the midnight oil together.

When Mr. James Spann starts saying things like “potential long-track tornadoes” days in advance of a system that is going to come through at night, it’s going to be a long one. Usually, as my husband has to work during the day and so does my bestie who lives about a mile from me, I plan to keep the night watch for all of us. So I did.

And, of course, Tuesday was Election Day.

That’s always a big day in our house.

A stressful midterm for me and many others.
Henry Herring did his civic duty – of course. ❤
Our family votes together. ❤


After we all voted, we came home, made dinner, and stayed up, watching all the election returns – as we do every election. It was a looooong night.

And, by Wednesday morning, I was wiped. And it was raining. And my pain has been SEVERE this week.

And I just totally collapsed – for the entire day Wednesday. 

I woke up around 7 PM, ate, and collapsed again until around 2:30 AM Thursday morning. My body had just had enough I think.

I’ve since looked over a bit of news, considered what I planned on posting about ALL THE POLITICAL THINGS, and decided to wait for a bit. It’s everywhere right now – and I think we are ALL on overload.

Do read this PLEASE though:

Vanity Fair Article.

As it happens, I’ve been re-reading the most fabulous book, You Are A Badass – and I highly recommend it to everybody – and I happened upon this passage:

Totally meant for me post-Election.


So, instead, what I wanted to talk about today is an article I’m working on – and a pair of pants I came across two days ago while cleaning out our downstairs with my husband.

I’ve been working on a long piece about eating disorders and body image and the body positivity movement – and have I ever been down the rabbit hole and back whilst researching it.

Y’all, the things I have found, read, and learned. . .

But, then, AS I WAS WRITING, my freaking left foot seems to have pulled the ultimate break on me. . . and is not wanting to tolerate any weight. . . and is hurting so so SO bad that I am heading to the ER shortly – after talking to ortho – which I hate with a purple polka dotted passion.

So, later tonight I will tell y’all about eating disorders and body image and the body positivity movement. And the pants story. And probably what the heck is going on with my foot too.

Good. Grief.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings. (We’ll try this again later.)


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