letting go and working through.

The past two days have been filled with working on lots of things for my wellness practice.

I began yesterday with making lists, first of things I needed to gather from Apple Radio – because no great work can be accomplished without the proper tunage 😉 – and then of the books I needed to pull from my library, either to read next or to look back through.

Then I started listening to YouTube, catching up on my TED Talks while I began totally reworking my website.

As I was listening, one I heard on my list really stopped me, and I felt it was worth sharing for sure:

It’s about 15 minutes and it’s so good.

As the title says, “Freedom & Purpose: It’s What We All Want.”

And I have definitely been struggling as I’ve been losing some freedoms and working to find new purpose. At times, I’m okay; at times, it is still really, really difficult.

This latest decline honestly feels like a heavy grief. It’s so much loss, that likely won’t improve. What I’ve had to remind myself, just this morning as I was trying to sort some of this out, is that any grief comes in waves, so I need to just expect this and plan to ride it out for awhile.

Two amazing bits of grace that have also come my way just in the past hour or so are these.

First, a friend posted this on Instagram:

I’ve worked through 100 Days to Brave before – but this message was just what I needed today. I”m having to let go of this situation.

And, even more, as I always follow my friend Sara Frankl’s (who I’ve just written about) foundation on Facebook, I opened my app, and they posted this today:

Sara actually said this about losing abilities and I know it’s true for me as well. I can’t fight this process – and I’m getting there. It’s just hard. But the thing to do is to keep  working on things I love and just breathe and pray through this.

And I have been doing some things I’m really excited about. . .

Of course, like a proper hippie school grad, I had to give my vision board a little spiffying up. 🙂

And then I spent a lot of time working on my website, completely revamping it:



I am so pleased with it.

I’ve also done so much work on my YouTube channel ( as well as Facebook and Instagram for my practice) and will have my first video up – as soon as I have my final lessons and approval from Sara, a.k.a. Tech Support. 😉

So there is plenty to keep me busy this week.

And, of course, lots to look forward to, with friends and family and football and Thanksgiving. ❤

So, as always, onward.

Be well, everybody. Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Grace and Blessings.




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