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First Things First

henry herring, my esa and love of my doggie life. ❤

Before I get into what I want to talk about today, I need to share that my Henry had cataract surgery on Tuesday and had some complications. It caused his diabetes to spiral out of control and he had to be admitted to the hospital on Thursday and is still there.

As of last night, he was still having some issues with vomiting and was receiving IV fluids, insulin, and nausea meds. 

I am now waiting on the vet’s office to open so I can call for a morning update.

He hates being away from me, I cannot stand for him to be gone, and this is just so scary and awful.

All prayers, good vibes, and warm fuzzies for his healing are appreciated more than I can say.

On My Mind

Long before this illness with my Henry, my fabulous friend Ashley and I made plans to go see Luke Bryan on Thursday night – and, of course, there is nothing I can physically do for Henry in the hospital (they won’t let me see him and that is making me even more crazy) – so we went and Ashley is so much fun and we did have a wonderful time.

luke bryan 7.25.19
ashley and me at luke bryan 7.25.19 ❤

Having such a great time already had me thinking about this post I was going to write when Sara and I were watching Into The Wild – one of my all-time favorite movies – last night, and this quote resonated with me deeply, as it is what is on my heart.

this. ❤

Prior to the concert, I had been thinking about someone who truly never does ANYTHING new – and how it is affecting them. They go to the same places, study the same thing, watch the same shows, talk to the same people. . .

A stagnant life.

It isn’t a good thing – and it is showing up in so many ways in them.

yes. just yes.

Always Keep Going And Growing

Sadly, those choices often make for a cranky old spirit – which never has to happen to anyone. We all have a choice.

We can all choose to stay alive and vibrant and learning something and doing new things.

Please, please do.

Some Things To Consider Doing

  • Always be reading a book. Finish one at least every few weeks. Read on a variety of topics. Keep it interesting. Join Goodreads – they have an app and different online book clubs.
  • Watch documentaries of all kinds. It’s totally fine if you aren’t a documentary geek – I get that everyone isn’t in my nerd boat 😉 – but there are SO many out there now that something that interests you will surely stand out once a week or so just for the sake of learning.
  • Plan trips to a different place. It’s totally fine if you and your family and friends are beach or mountain people and that’s your go-to destination. Still, consider adding in weekend or day trips to new places as well. Novel experiences are so important to our growth as people.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to meet people, whether it is through volunteering or greeting at church or taking a live class. Just get involved in a way that everyone you know isn’t just like you. Especially in these times, this is so important.
  • Explore things in your hometown you may have missed. I know in my city we have a great museum and zoo, some awesome festivals, and a rich cultural heritage. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook what you have close to home.
  • Consider learning a new language – there are a ton of great methods available now – or taking an online class to learn to do something you’ve been thinking about for awhile. It’s never too late for change and having a project going is always a good idea.
  • Go to shows, check out plays, visit local artist’s exhibits. Even if they are different from what you usually do – actually, especially if they are different from what you usually do – you may find something you really like. ❤

Just try to be to sure, in the busyness of day to day life, that you are giving yourself space to grow.

Bring Your People Too ❤

Early this morning, Sara, who has been sleeping over in my room to keep me company with my Henry away (she is the sweetest), and I were watching Almost Famous, when Phillip Seymour Hoffman, as Lester Bangs, said my very favorite line in the movie.

This is so true.

Whether it is geeking out to movies with my Sara Bug, dancing my face off at a show with Ashley (as much as I can on the broken CRPS feet), traveling to Canada with my Ginny, or my favorite Sunday Methodist unicorn watches with my Al, it’s always better to make your plans and have your people by your side (and, hopefully, very soon, a weenie dog too). ❤

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.



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  1. sent up a prayer for healing for both of you! and so glad to see you got out to the concert….looks like a great time! 🙂 thank you also for the list of things to do, I am spent my fair share of time in bed…….


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