just heartbroken for Aniah.

In October, when precious Aniah Blanchard was reported missing, like so many other people, I was immediately heartsick.

I could not stop thinking about her and her family.

aniah. ❤

Her mother and I are nurses from the same community.

And my beautiful oldest daughter, Laura Anne, is 19.

my sweet laura bug (left) is 19 and my sweet sara bug (right) is 16.

We all so hoped and prayed for the best – and news just continually got worse.

Then, yesterday, the most awful outcome came true.

Our state is just devastated for Aniah and her family.

Watching her dear mother speak just Killed. My. Soul.

Of course, we will all see that justice is served.

But NOTHING can bring their daughter back to them.

And I am heartbroken.

I’m also so angry – because those accused of harming her have rap sheets a mile long and should have NEVER been on the loose in the first place.

I am definitely not alone in that feeling either – and I expect that those issues will be looked at very closely in the coming weeks and months.

But, for now?

All that can be done is offer all of the love and support possible to Aniah’s devastated family.

And to hold our children a little tighter.

Oh, how I hate this.

Look after each other, y’all. And keep dancing, even with a limp.

Grace and Blessings.



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