fabulous road tripping, visiting my beautiful bestie, accepting disability accommodations – and knowing that staircases are my mortal enemy now.

We are in the middle of a wonderful road trip to see my bestie/sister friend, Ginny, in Tennessee and it has been just fabulous.

Of course, as my CRPS has taken on a life of its own, I’m having to learn to live and travel differently – and this trip I had booked a room at the same little hotel we’ve stayed at before because it’s friendly, safe, quiet, and clean, and Ginny’s house has stairs so that is a no go for me.

Of course, I did request a first floor room – but I failed to say handicapped to emphasize my need.

Hold that thought.

a wonderful evening

When we arrived in Nashville, we visited with Ginny, her amazing husband, and her adorable fur babies. Then we ate dinner at the super fun dragon pizza place, picked up Starbucks, went back to Ginny’s to talk and hang out, and just had the best time.

I am so so thankful we are getting to visit – and super excited for more time today. ❤

the devil stairs – and my worsening hip weakness.

Sooo. . . the only bummer I do have to report is my ongoing stair battle as my hips are weakening rapidly with my CRPS spread.

First, I managed to oof, tumble over into Ginny’s greenery whilst trying to get up her few stairs because they have no handrails. However, that was truly no biggie and Sara and I quickly sorted out a way to get in.

The big issue came late last night at our hotel.

It turned out that – as we arrived late and i failed to say handicapped – a first floor room had not been held so I needed to navigate the stairs one time.

And. I. Did.

All the way to the top stair – where there was nowhere left to pull myself up and my hip strength was GONE.

And – after trying EVERYTHING ELSE – I literally had to hit my knees and crawl to our room because I couldn’t get up until I got to the loveseat and could crawl up there.

I am so very serious, y’all.

Then I sat on the loveseat and cried and cried.

Then I reported the situation to the profoundly apologetic attendant downstairs – who assured me it would never be an issue again upon our return.

Y’all, I’m done with flights of stairs – for good.

And “handicapped accommodations please” is my new battle cry.

Holy. Moly.

And thank you, Lord, for pulling me through.

And for a brighter girls day with my bestie. ❤

a better morning. ❤

Have a Happy Sunday, y’all – and keep dancing.

Grace and Blessings.


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