1000 days. Thank You, Lord.

I’m writing a little bit late because yesterday turned into some sort of insanely sick day for me unexpectedly – I have some cold symptoms but am otherwise okay now.

Yesterday was a big BIG day in my world: my 1000 Days Sober.


I’ve written often about all the wonderful things putting down wine has meant for me and my little fam jam but I am so incredibly thankful that I just want to name a few of the amazing things that have gone on in my little corner again:

  • So many local shows (sober concerting is so much more fun) – Panic! at the Disco with my Sara, Luke Bryan with my Ashley, Lauren Dangle with my precious cousin, Blair, Gary Allan with my Daddy, Foo Fighters, Mumford and Sons, Stephen Kellogg, Will Hoge, Bon Jovi, Jack Johnson . . .
  • Broadway shows – my fave – here at home and away: The Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera. . .
  • So much travel – Nashville to see my bestie/sister, Georgia to see Heather Mae, frequent small road trips, Braves Games in the ATL, New Orleans with my Sara Bug and Al for Sara’s Sweet 16, Montreal with my Ginny. . . Amazing things.
  • So many wonderful local activities – Alabama Baseball and Basketball, Dia de los Muertos, Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball with Sara and John Davis, Christmas Village, seeing Joe Biden speak up close, women’s conferences in Tuscaloosa with my Sara Bug, trips to the lake, hearing Jen and Nadia speak, a trip to the sunflower fields with my Al and our girls, Delta Blues outings after church. . .
  • Galavanting all over town with my Buggle. I love it.
  • Graduating Holistic Nutrition School – a dream come true.
  • Learning to navigate the challenges of disability and illness and finding a strength I didn’t know I had with my own illnesses and my Henrys.
  • Church life and faith and learning to really trust the Lord with everything.
  • So much writing and being published and now in the middle of my first book.
  • Preparing to return to Mississippi State online – Hail State!
  • So many books read.

I gained so so much in sobriety and really became myself.

I will never stop thanking the Lord for this gift.

Yesterday morning, early, my sweet Sara Bug surprised with me with the fluffiest slippers – always a blessing for these CRPS feet – and a Henry ornament for my tree to celebrate:


She is just The. Best.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Be well and take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


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