3 years, y’all.

Sobriety isn't an anchor; it's a pair of wings. Today is my three year sober-versary. And I am so grateful. On most significant dates, I have written really long pretty posts - but I have to confess that tonight I am just bone tired. I have just decreased my prednisone again - I am working... Continue Reading →

1000 days. Thank You, Lord.

I'm writing a little bit late because yesterday turned into some sort of insanely sick day for me unexpectedly - I have some cold symptoms but am otherwise okay now. Yesterday was a big BIG day in my world: my 1000 Days Sober.   I've written often about all the wonderful things putting down wine... Continue Reading →


So, this happened on Saturday. And I knew it was close - as I had just done an Instagram post a few days ago to my sober sisters about just how damn close I came to not making it here. Just for a minute. Just because my soul was really really effing tired. But it... Continue Reading →

800 days

800 days. I'm writing to you with what I'm convinced is plague. Well, not really. Just a summer cold I woke up with, likely picked up from our adventuring somewhere over the past several days. Still, when everything, including my face, is sort of throbbing, plague it is in my book. 😉 But I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

my 2 year soberversary.

Shortly after midnight last night, this popped up on my phone:   Going alcohol free is still absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made. My second year of sobriety has been a been a beautiful one for sure, with adventures great and small. I've been on some wonderful road trips:   And... Continue Reading →

sober thursday.

This wasn't today's original post. Today was already mostly ready and planned out. But sometimes the message keeps coming through that there is something else more pressing I need to write about  (more on that in a bit) - so I will. This was my Monday. I know I always say I am grateful -... Continue Reading →

wanting more (and less) in 2019

Yesterday morning, I read an article about Colin O' Brady becoming the first person to ever cross Antarctica unassisted, a truly incredible feat. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/american-man-first-solo-across-antarctica-unaided-n952186 The explorer who attempted the same, Henry Worsley, in 2016 fell ill and passed away, just 30 miles short of his goal. Still, what an amazing attempt. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/25/explorer-henry-worsley-dies-during-antarctic-record-attempt It is also... Continue Reading →

so so many gratitudes.

It's Thanksgiving morning and I just woke from a long-ish winter's nap (five or so hours?) and I'm sitting here next to a snoring Wonderpup and we are all wrapped up in our toastys because it's actually cold this morning (I love it when cold holidays actually are - never a sure thing in Alabama,... Continue Reading →

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