so so many gratitudes.

It's Thanksgiving morning and I just woke from a long-ish winter's nap (five or so hours?) and I'm sitting here next to a snoring Wonderpup and we are all wrapped up in our toastys because it's actually cold this morning (I love it when cold holidays actually are - never a sure thing in Alabama,... Continue Reading →

ladies, alcohol addiction is drowning us.

Yesterday, this article was published in USA Today with all sorts of truly terrible news related to alcohol addiction, particularly in women: PLEASE take a few minutes to read it if you can. There are several things in it I feel like I must talk about, that have been heavy on my heart since... Continue Reading →

the best of and the worst of.

The smell of hospitals in winter, And the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters but no pearl. . . -┬áCounting Crows I had a spectacularly shitty medical day today. Truly. Lots to tell. I've also had some wonderful times with my nearests and there are some soul stirring things I want to share... Continue Reading →

feeling the invisible.

Y'all, it has been a holy hell, beast of a week, with all kinds of new and exciting symptoms manifesting - yay, autoimmune disease - and old foolishness rearing it's ugly head too. All I have for this is "What the Frack?" As it happens, it's also Invisible Illness & Disability Awareness Week - that's... Continue Reading →

500 days

I hardly ever think to check my clean day app but remembered to check it yesterday - and it must have been a God thing as it was 500 days to the day since I've stopped drinking. I am deeply grateful for this and for the community of amazing women I've found as well. I... Continue Reading →

dreaming big and being grateful

I had already scribbled down some notes to write a post about dreams when I sat down to watch last Sunday's sermon from my church (I haven't been in awhile because my RA has been running amuck, amuck, amuck and I hope my bestie and I will remedy that this upcoming Sunday). Now I know... Continue Reading →

changing our perspective on addiction

When I stopped drinking, there were challenges for sure, my anxiety being the biggest, but more rewards by far. My head was clearer, my body more healthy (as much as possible for me), my spirit more free. Still, I realize that I have a tremendous support system that made it so much better for me... Continue Reading →

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