recovering and celebrating.

In these bodies we will live.

In these bodies we will die.

Where you invest your love, 

You invest your life.

Awake, my soul, awake, my soul,

Awake, my. soul,

For you were made to meet your maker.

– — Awake, My Soul.  Mumford & Sons

A week ago Wednesday, January 15th, I was admitted to the hospital for another case of osteomyelitis – this time in my right foot. Cultures were drawn and antibiotics were started immediately. My same amazing surgeon was called in.

And this foot seemed to have blistered up and swollen much more suddenly than my left.


It was discovered quickly that I had gone septic – that the infection had spread to my bloodstream. Incredibly scary.

In addition to that, my A1C was 13.3, indicating that my blood sugars have been running around 400 without my knowledge. I was started on insulin immediately.

After surgery, some 60 lab and IV sticks, countless insulin and blood sugar checks, a fall (no damage and a hilarious story for another day), yet another stay where dietary couldn’t manage gluten free or egg allergy, and a PICC line placement for six weeks – at least – of IV home antibiotics, I was discharged after almost a week.

so thankful for home antibiotics so I don’t have to stay inpatient or go to the infusion center daily.

I am profoundly grateful for the amazing team of doctors who literally saved my life.

feeling much more like myself these days.

I got home just in time celebrate my 41st with my precious family.

My babies all came over for birthday lunch and it was wonderful.


My sweet Sara Bug. even made me the most fabulous gluten free green funfetti Baby Yoda birthday cake.

After that, I had the most wonderful birthday evening at home as well.

My 41st with my family was just the best. ❤

And so needed after everything that has happened.

I’ve even been able to start cooking again a little bit for the first time in about six months – and I am so happy.

I had been thinking on my priorities and goals for this year prior to getting so sick but they have really come into focus now.


  • Putting my family first. We’ve been spending more time together – for which I am so so grateful – but that is my first priority for certain now.
  • Writing and getting my book done this year.
  • Getting back to school. I am so excited. Hail State!
  • Health. I am sick, of course, but I am doing all I can to be as well as I can.
  • Living with less. Clearing away clutter. Buying less. Having more space. Stuff doesn’t matter; people and experiences matter.
  • Continuing to learn French, just because I love it.
  • Getting more involved at our church, once I am able to.

So, here’s to getting well and a happy year!

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.

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