surgery day is here, y’all.

Since last fall - and the beginning of my osteomyelitis and sepsis issues - all of my surgeries have been emergent. They've all been done pretty soon after I was admitted from the ER. This SI joint issue has been a different animal though; it has required some additional planning and scheduling, as well as... Continue Reading →

inpatient again. onward.

Like the rest of 2020, May has started off. . . not according to plan. I'm writing to y'all having just been admitted to the hospital, with bolus fluids going, my first doses of IV Vanco and Ancef already on board, my left foot - infected - wrapped and awaiting my surgeon in the morning,... Continue Reading →

fragile times.

I know how everyone else's life is supposed to fly by Then someone turns and says What about you? And I stand here Mouth open Mind blank This should have all worked itself out by now The map of my life should be clear and precise With little red dashes and circles so nice Showing... Continue Reading →

rainy days and mondays on my mind

Talking to myself and feeling old Sometimes I'd like to quit  Nothing ever seems to fit Hanging Around Nothing to do but frown Rainy days and Mondays always get me down What I've got they used to call the blues Nothing is really wrong Feeling like I don't belong Walking around Some kind of lonely... Continue Reading →

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