it’s time to be direct now. . . (from a frustrated spoonie)

*I realize this is link-heavy post – but there is SO much to talk about right with COVID-19. If you have time, please give the links a read, particularly the one from the Nebraska physician and NPR.

First, let me say that most people I know are being totally responsible as this COVID-19 thing is unfolding. These are the people I’ve worked with. Or went to school with. Or are in my spoonie or Tt sister group.

They are staying home as much as they can – and they are keeping their kids home as well. They are washing their hands. They are using hand gel. They are cancelling travel plans. They are checking on their neighbors. They are only buying supplies that they need.

These are the same people that stay abreast of the news, reduce, reuse, recycle, always vote, avoid plastics when possible, and try their best to think of others as well as themselves.

These are my people. ❤


It turns out that my expectation that everyone was going to do the right things as I’m seeing my people doing was so so wrong. . .

And now, both as a nurse who cares about others who have health issues and as a spoonie who wants to hang around to be with my people, I am so freaking angry about this selfish behavior we are all witnessing.

Since the positive tests have started rolling in – and we know that they are only a small percentage of the people who actually have COVID-19 as there aren’t anywhere near enough tests available AND a person can have it and be asymptomatic OR take a full two weeks to show symptoms, it is crucial that everyone cooperate and take proper steps to slow the spread.

Instead, I’ve seen things like. . .

People (mostly millennials) hitting bars and restaurants despite warnings and saying they won’t be told what to do:

Florida beaches being absolutely packed despite all warnings:

And – the absolute worst I’ve seen – some lunatic “ministers” actually held their services on Sunday and invited those with COVID-19 to come that they might anoint them with oil and pray over them:

An Alabama Pastor Invited Coronavirus-Infected People to Church for Oil & Prayer

Oh, do I have some thoughts on this:

  • The Bible says clearly NOT to test the Lord our God – we know what the right thing to do is in this situation and they are choosing not to do it.
  • I believe this minister, as their leader, is responsible for any harm that comes to his congregation as a result of his actions on Sunday.
  • I can’t imagine the far reaching consequences in this community of this foolishness. It may well be devastating.
  • As far as I’m concerned, this is spiritual abuse. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

All that said, with SO many examples of people still spreading virus, I want to share this, from a physician in Nebraska. If you haven’t read – and if you choose not read – any other links in this post, PLEASE read this one.

This virus is so terribly serious.

I also want to share this, from a gentleman who owned a local restaurant in my city for many years before he moved back home to Italy to take care of a family member who was ill. He posted this warning to us on one of our city’s Facebook pages  and I feel it is worth sharing:

As a #highriskcovid19, I keep saying over and over that I am scared – because I am.

A local physician I highly respect here, who operates a non-profit faith based clinic, said he believes the rate of death from this will likely be ten times higher than seasonal flu. It’s that serious.

NPR published a great article on social distancing:

So, again, I implore everyone to stay home whenever possible.

Wash your hands.

Stand a safe distance from others when you must be out.

Use hand gel.

Purchase only the supplies that you need.

Don’t buy products labeled “WIC” so they will be available for mothers who need them.

Don’t buy baby wipes if your store is out of toilet paper so they will be available for mothers who need them.

Remember that just because you will be okay if you catch this doesn’t mean I will.

Be kind to others.

Keep in mind that choosing NOT to listen to medical authorities right now can KILL people.

Just. . . don’t be an asshole. 😉



Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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