watching the COVID-19 spread and considering spoonie issues.

As we all know, the whole damn world is just upside down right now.

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire. Everyone SHOULD be essentially at home if they can. . . some people are listening; some aren’t. Some cities have enacted shelter in place; some entire states have.

It’s surreal.

As my home state is experiencing its first wave, this was the post from the administrator of the largest hospital in our state – in my city – yesterday:

91062152_216743282902165_2995619661803945984_n (1)


There was also this article from one of our local news stations:

In it, a county health official advised a city council person that we are “about to be hit with a tsunami” and it will be comparable to World War II.


This morning, I also received a notification that the United States has seen its 1000th death from the virus today – with the figures increasing exponentially.

In every state, it seems that health care providers are inadequately supplied with personal protective equipment, are already looking at ventilator shortages – and protocols for who gets those that are available sadly, are having to create makeshift beds – and, in some places, makeshift morgues, and are being asked to do things they never could have dreamed of during their schooling.

As a nurse, I am reading things that just gut me for my fellow nurses as well as for the patients having to walk through them without their families beside them.

And, y’all, I’m not going to be too graphic – but what they are describing? With how quickly this virus attacks, how aggressive it is, and how it invades the whole body and just destroys the lungs?

H O R R I F Y I N G .

Apart from the tragedy of significant loss of life as well as permanent disability due to lung and heart damage in many people when this is over, there is also going to be MAJOR PTSD in the healthcare workers who have had to face all of this head on.

It will be a long time before the total devastation of this is known.

Let us pray with all of our hearts.

The more I learn, the more scary it is.

Of course, as someone who is immunocompromised AND still working to heal my post-op right foot from the osteomyelitis in January, I am entirely at home, all the time, right now. I am so blessed to have my husband taking amazing care of me and our precious daughter, Sara, here constantly, looking after Henry and me.

Beautiful flowers from my precious family when they returned from taking Henry to the vets yesterday. I am so well loved by my people. ❤

Still, I am well aware that hospitals are already swamped with COVID-19 – and I cannot imagine what would happen if I had to go for a “regular” health concern of mine, like these osteo issues, another systemic inflammation flare, or a CRPS pain crisis right now. Not only am I not sure help would be available, but that is also one of the best places to CATCH the virus. It’s just a frightening thought all around.

So things just feel . .fragile. . . precarious. . . hanging by a thread. . . when it comes to spoonie health issues at the moment.

And, while I do have some extra complications with my osteo and recent sepsis, still, many spoonies are feeling the same way – overwhelmed with concern for the virus AND afraid that help won’t be available for treatment of complications of their chronic illnesses if they arise now.

It’s tough.

I am so thankful for my family, loving and supporting me through this, especially my husband. ❤

Many of my fellow spoonies aren’t so fortunate – and they too are terrified.

There is no way to know when we can safely be in public again – but I am certain it won’t be anytime soon.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, if you are healthy and able, please remember those in your life who aren’t and might need some extra help when you do have to get out for the grocery store or pharmacy. And remember just to check in on them with texts and calls as well.

Also, please only take your information from reputable scientists – not politicians, not social media. Remember, lives depend on getting this right.

And, of course, except when it is absolutely necessary, please don’t go out. . . Stay. Home.

That is the only way we will contain this beast.


a blessing for everyone. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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