3 years, y’all.

Sobriety isn’t an anchor; it’s a pair of wings.

Today is my three year sober-versary. And I am so grateful.

my days counter app today. ❤

On most significant dates, I have written really long pretty posts – but I have to confess that tonight I am just bone tired. I have just decreased my prednisone again – I am working SO hard to get off it completely, especially with all the germs right now – and the reductions cause major pain increases as well as serious fatigue for a bit.

Of course, this comes as we are all experiencing the COVID-19 crisis – and that is simply overwhelming as well.

So, I’m wiped.

But, still, this is such a big day in my world that I do want to share a few thoughts.

First, putting down the wine is still one of the best gifts ever and I am so thankful every day.

Second, even now, as we ARE all in such a mess, it’s so much better to face it clear headed and hangover free. Unfortunately, there is no amount of wine – or any other substance – that can wish this problem away.

And, finally, I want to just share a short Love List of a few of the things I’m grateful for in this wonderful sober life:

  • my amazing husband – He is my best friend, my protector, my rock. I am so blessed and lucky. ❤
  • my precious Sara Bug – She is so smart and funny and caring and kind. She is an absolute joy and I am so thankful for her.
  • my sweet Laura Bug – She is so funny and strong and smart and compassionate and hardworking. She is my precious first baby and one of my greatest blessings.
  • my Henry P. – He is the love of my doggie life. I am so thankful for him and so grateful that the Lord has seen him through a recent scary – scary scary – round of health challenges. He’s my baby baby boy.
  • my precious parents – I am so fortunate to talk and text with them most every day and laugh and enjoy their company and stay so close.
  • my beautiful bestie/sister, Ginny – We’ve been together so long I can’t remember not being friends – and I miss her so much I can’t stand it. I am so ready to able to travel once more.
  • our super cozy fabulous hippie hut – My husband has made the most wonderful home for us – and, especially as it is not really safe for me to leave at all right now, I am so grateful. It is the most comfy cute home a girl could ever ask for.
  • not one, but two libraries, full of books – and a Kindle app full of them too – whilst I’m quarantined. Need I say more? 🙂
  • writing my own book and getting to write here truly brings me such joy.
  • having done some wonderful traveling this past sober year – Montreal with my bestie/sister, New Orleans for Sara’s Sweet 16, Heather Mae in Georgia, Nashville to see my bestie too. . .

So much to be thankful for. . . ❤

There was plenty of rough and scary too – which I’ve written about here through the year and am not going to revisit on a happy day – but, I’ll just say, as with COVID-19, it is much better to deal with it clear-headed and sober – even when it’s hard.

If you feel alcohol is an issue for you – if it is just keeping you from living the life you want to live – don’t wait to seek help. There are so many resources available to you.

Here are some resources that are easy to access immediately:

Traditional Alcoholics Anonymous – a 12 step program – http://www.aa.org/

Al-Anon – for family members and other loved ones of alcoholics needing support – also a 12 step program – https://al-anon.org/

Celebrate Recovery – a faith based 12 step program for all addictions – https://www.celebraterecovery.com/

Narcotics Anonymous – a 12 step program for narcotics addiction recovery – https://www.na.org/

Hip Sobriety – https://www.hipsobriety.com/ – full of Holly’s posts and tons of helpful information. This – along with my fabulous community of sober sisters on Instagram that I am also going to post – was my chosen modality. Everyone has to find what works best for them.

The Temper – https://www.thetemper.com/ – this is Holly’s new online sobriety magazine. Not only does it have a ton of helpful links, it also is joined with her The Tempest “Sobriety School,” an eight week program for the newly sober.

Instagram Sober Community (because you need support):

  • holly
  • tellbetterstoriesmedia
  • kristintothemax
  • laura_mckowen
  • sobermisssober
  • jointempest
  • murphthejerk
  • she_recovers
  • and me, if you like: miranda_dancingthroughlife

And, as always, if you are in crisis, PLEASE present to your nearest emergency room. They WILL help you, regardless of insurance status or anything else. Don’t hesitate.

If you feel it might be time, it is.

It’s so worth it.

Be well everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other – especially in all the craziness.

Grace and Blessings.



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