surgery day is here, y’all.

Since last fall – and the beginning of my osteomyelitis and sepsis issues – all of my surgeries have been emergent. They’ve all been done pretty soon after I was admitted from the ER.

This SI joint issue has been a different animal though; it has required some additional planning and scheduling, as well as the ordering of some special devices for the procedure so I’ve gotten to wait and watch the date approach.

Of course, my ortho doc has also explained – as he should have – how unpleasant this post op period will be so I won’t be caught off guard.

This has all been fantastic for my anxiety. . .

Still, it is here now.

Yesterday was a busy day with preadmit testing and some last minute errands to get ready for several days in the hospital so I have been just exhausted today and have slept for most of it.

Now I am going to sneak in one last little rest and then Sara and I are going to gather all of my things and I am going to get myself together to be at the hospital bright and early in the morning and do this thing.

All prayers, good vibes, and warm fuzzies are appreciated.

old nurses have to laugh. . . 😉

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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