continuing holy week – and celebrating home.

Despite my best efforts, I am still completely wiped out and sleeping like a hibernating grizzly bear due to the exhausting side effects of my antibiotic therapy – but I am almost done. Whew!

Yesterday, though – Tuesday of Holy Week – I had the most wonderful experiences, things that I suppose would have been “regular” things in our pre-Covid world – but feel far from it now.

After lunch at home yesterday, Sara and I ran downtown to pick up our Easter Basket from a wonderful ministry that is organized by one of our precious church members, Avery. It’s called Community on the Rise and our church is supportive of all the awesome things it does.

Easter Baskets are a small way to be helpful to them – but, oh my word, they are an even bigger blessing to us.

So beautiful.

Much more than the basket, though, getting to visit their space and talk with Avery and see the new things they are working on just spoke to my heart in a huge way. ❤

After we left there, we drove a few blocks over to our church to visit the Stations of the Cross that have been set up in our courtyard. 

While I am so thankful for online services, I can’t express how much I miss attending in person. (Though I am now vaccinated, because I am so immunocompromised, I am still going to be attending online for awhile instead of indoor services.)

Just being physically back at church made my heart so happy on a gorgeous day – and THEN when I went walking towards the courtyard, it just so happened that our minister, Stephanie, was crossing through from working on the Easter service filming so I got to see her as well. A total God thing and I am so so grateful. ❤

Our Stations of the Cross were set up in a non-traditional sort of way and they also spoke to my heart so. 

I want to mention specifically how much it meant to pray over one of my dear ones who has suffered greatly this year and leave a stone for her when remembering Jesus praying in Gethsemane at Station One.

Another Station that has stayed with me is Station Four, where we stopped to read the stories of those who have been wrongfully convicted – and many given the death penalty – as Jesus was.

The book of the stories of those who have since been exonerated – but would have faced death – and did serve many years wrongly – are haunting me.

Finally, the Stations end at the Cross where we were encouraged to write on a card who Jesus is to us and place it on the Cross.

So beautiful and meaningful.

Then I walked out into the main courtyard area and looked up to this “familiar” – but oh-so-missed view.

Just to be HOME at church on this gorgeous day. And say hello to some of my people. And walk in the courtyard.

Such an incredible blessing.

A reminder again that – after Covid – I won’t be counting the “small” blessings as small anymore.

I’ll be linking all of our online services – as well as those I celebrate with my dear friend Tim’s church – through the week for those who would like to join.

Whether you choose to celebrate online or in-person this year, let’s all remember to count our gifts in a big way. ❤

For today’s Holy Week Scripture blessing, I think the one used by Methodist youth and loved by many a Methodist gathering is appropriate.

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine on you

and be gracious to you;

The Lord turn His face toward you

and give you peace.

  • Numbers 6:24-26

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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