all my heart, Ukraine.

As we’ve watched the crisis unfolding in Ukraine, we’ve witnessed the unbelievable strength and bravery of a people – and their leader – in the face of a madman and his army.

I’ve read countless stories of families separated, as mothers and children are sent to areas that will hopefully be safe, while fathers stay behind to defend their home. I’ve watched videos of the young children speaking about leaving their homes and fathers behind. . .

It is gut-wrenching.

We continue to hear stories of strength, pride, and fearlessness.

The story of the Ukrainian woman facing down Russian invaders and offering them sunflower seeds (the national flower of Ukraine) to put in their pockets so “flowers will grow when they die” is stunning,

As the country mobilizes, they are calling for help and resources – from outside volunteers to all the weapons they can amass. They are all also doing all they can to create ways to defend themselves. A local beer company has even turned its resources to making Molotov cocktails for its citizens to arm themselves.

Terrifyingly – but not surprisingly – it seems that Putin has sent a team of mercenaries specifically to attempt to assasinate President Zelenskyy. I – and many others – are praying so hard for the safety of the President and his family.

The news this morning has not been encouraging as NPR’s photo story is of a 40 mile long Russian convoy into Kyiv:

I echo the sentiments expressed by many in Ukraine – and across the globe – when I say emphatically, “Fuck Putin.”

I am just heartsick and praying so hard for the people of Ukraine, for their strength, for their health, for their safety.

I pray for resources and that the world will continue to rally to support them.

God have mercy.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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