On Ash Wednesday, March 2nd, I planted a tiny little $3 Target sunflower kit as I was holding the people of Ukraine close to my heart and keeping them in my prayers.

It was just my small offering in the heaviness of those days, one more way to bring them close.

Since then, I’ve been tending it each day.

One thing I absolutely love about gardening – and I am Lil’ Miss Plant Lady so much these days šŸ™‚ – is that I feel a total childlike delight every time I discover that one of my plants has blossomed. I get super excited and take a picture and report it to my family and it makes me just big happy.

I’ve written it before and I will again I’m sure – watching God grow a beautiful flower from a tiny seed is one of my favorite little miracles to witness and it never gets old.

I honestly think that people would be less disillusioned if our society weren’t so disconnected. Since everything comes from a supermarket – I’m not complaining, I’m super grateful for Aldi, Sprouts, and Walmart too šŸ˜‰ – but, since we don’t grow our own fruits and veggies anymore and dig in the dirt and watch things grow, we don’t witness the miracle of the life cycle and God’s provision in the way our grandparents did. There is something about being connected to it and a part of it that is deeply spiritual.

That said, I was so very excited today, when, after these months have passed – and noticing several sunflower buds waiting to bloom last week – I saw our first little bitty sunflower. ā¤

And I was really excited and geeked out and sent pictures to my family.

And I thanked the Lord for His provision and for flowers.

And I prayed for the people of Ukraine. ā¤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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