happy thanksgiving.

Due to the semester from Hale that just won’t end, the best laid plans for Thanksgiving week posts plain fell apart – but we made it to the end of the week and made my research deadline that loomed right before Thanksgiving break, thank goodness.

(Now I am taking a couple of days off before it’s back to it to finish up the last few weeks of craziness and finals. #sendhelp)

Happily, today was Thanksgiving Day and it was an absolutely lovely day at home with my people.

As I’ve written recently, I’ve been so grateful to get back to our kitchen after being too ill for so long and this was my first Thanksgiving meal I was able to cook (even if I am not speedy about it). ❤

We shared a yummy meal of ham and everyone’s favorite casseroles – green bean, squash, and sweet potato – and I baked some cowbell sugar cookies for good juju for the Egg Bowl.

my whole heart. ❤
the pioneer woman party cowboy hats at walmart were too much fun to resist for our thanksgiving. ❤
this guy. ❤
thanksgiving for the best weenie dog. ❤
thanksgiving 2022
cowbell cookies. hail state.

I had the best time watching the Egg Bowl with my better half – and we won. #hailstate

the cowbell cookie good juju worked. 

I am so thankful for our family and our cozy home. I am truly blessed. ❤

Now I am so ready for Advent and the Christmas Season. I am looking forward to decorating our Christmas tree tomorrow and having a long weekend with my better half home too. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

Our Thanksgiving Blessing:

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