a wrap on the most challenging semester of my life – and a late and grateful start to blogmas.

Well, friends, as evidenced by my absence, it was a long – long – haul to make it to the end of this term.

I had math and meteorology classes that certainly pushed me to my edges – as expected with college coursework (and both of those professors were fantastic). What was problematic this term was not tough classes; no, the problem was the absolute worst instructor I’ve ever encountered who was actually teaching a subject that I usually adore. He made a semester that should have just been really busy and challenging unnecessarily miserable and just damn near impossible.

finals week – i feel this in my spirit. 😉

(That said, it is over and I am finished. I will write a full post about that experience as I think it needs to be shared – but not when I am this tired and not for Blogmas.)

Yes, Blogmas.

Every year I have wanted to participate and I have seen that all the bloggers and vloggers started on December 1st and are well into their daily posting until Christmas – and it looks like so much fun.

However, since my first five days were eaten by finals and an evil professor – we will call him Abominable 🙂 – I’m just going have to show up late to the party. . . but better late than never I say. 

I am so ready to get our Blogmas Christmas on, y’all. ❤

For starters, during this absolute Hale of a mad dash to wrap up school, my amazing husband surprised me with this beautiful vintage nativity:

i love this so much – and it reminds of my Grandmother too. ❤

I’ve wanted a nativity for several years – and this was just totally unexpected and the very best surprise. ❤

He has also put up our Christmas tree and decorated our mantle and it all is so pretty. After some rest, I’ll be getting the rest of our Christmas decorations out and of course I’ll be sharing everything for sure. I am so very excited.

We also have several fun things planned this month that I am so looking forward to. I just love December. ❤

going 100% Buddy.

Each day I’ll be posting a favorite Christmas song too – because the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. 🙂

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other (and I’ll see you back for Blogmas Day 2 tomorrow).

Grace and Blessings.

Of course, we have to start with O Holy Night and I love this version. ❤




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