my 14 days of 44: day 1 – mascot monday.

As I’ve written through some frightening and difficult things over the years – and living with autoimmune disease can be a scary place sometimes – y’all know we celebrate birthdays big here.

My 44th is rolling around – Thank You, Lord ❤ – and I thought I would really like to do 14 days of 44 and post each day leading up to the 23rd while school hasn’t started just yet – it resumes next week – and I have a bit of time to do so.

Normally it is Music Monday but we are going to have a little change in honor of the College Football National Championship tonight.

I have a strange affinity for all things mascot – and take particular note of the unusual ones as well as the ones that look, well, doofy when seen wandering the field or court. 🙂  Because of this, I’ve been telling my better half for several football seasons that I was going to share a list of – umm, unique? 😉 – mascots – and just have never gotten around to doing so – until today.

Today is Mascot Monday here at the Autoimmune Hippie.

As you can see from his appearance in today’s cover photo, there is nothing doofy about Jak, our Mississippi State live mascot, the goodest boy there is – but there was no way I was having a Mascot Monday without him. ❤

From there, there is plenty of unusual to discuss.

First, the two teams playing tonight for the National Championship: Georgia and TCU.

Georgia’s mascot is a white bulldog with a distinct look that sets him apart from a traditional English bulldog (like Jak – Hail State ❤ ) and is part of a bloodline that lives (in great comfort and style – it’s really nifty to see) with one family in Georgia.

Uga Article.

While Uga is a unique kind of bulldog, having a bulldog mascot is not particularly unusual. On the other sideline tonight however, TCU definitely is bringing the. . . different. . . sort of mascot with them.

This is the TCU horned frog:

He is the stuff nightmares are made of – and he would have been on this list even if TCU had been far removed from the game tonight. (And, as I tell my husband when we see so many of these schools with ugly mascots on TV, bless those TCU girls trying to find cute giant lizard stuff to adorn themselves with for gameday. I don’t envy that task.)

Beyond those guys, there are so many unusual ones that stand out:

Stanford’s unofficial – but ever present – tree is one of my very favorites.
I ❤ the Minnesota Gophers – especially because the ONLY other Gophers I know of are here in my hometown where our high school is the Golden Gophers. ❤
Darmouth’s unofficial mascot is Keggy the Keg. That is all. 🙂
South Carolina’s Cocky the Rooster brings me great joy.
Bevo at Texas is just fantastic.

If you want to see hilarious, this is the Delta State Fighting Okra:

And THIS is an example of the type of “hype” video the Okra makes. Bahaha.

Some mascots aren’t particularly odd – but the versions the schools present at games look pretty doofy.

For example:

Sorry, Clemson friends, but this is a doofy looking tiger. 🙂
North Carolina State.
(at least they also have an actual dog that is just gorgeous.)
Arkansas’s mascot is a giant ugly razorback pig anyway – then they have this guy, Big Red, on the field.
My word. Bless the ladies of Arkansas on gameday.

I have many more to share – perhaps more Mascot Mondays in the future would be fun? 🙂 – and am so looking forward to the 14 Days of 44 as well.

This flare is still sort of kicking my tail so I’m going to rest for a bit longer and then enjoy the championship game with my better half.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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