long covid and the spoonie life. . . changing some of my plans unexpectedly.

Well, y’all, I’ve written a bit about this persistent long covid – the unreal fatigue that keeps just laying me out along with the worse than usual body pain and the brain fog among other things.

However, I haven’t been able to write this part until now because it makes it really really real. . . I have had to take a Covid leave from school through this semester and the summer with plans to return in the Fall.

I realize – big picture – that this is not a major thing – but it has been very upsetting.

Throughout my schooling, I have fought through several surgeries and bouts of septicemia, multiple week-long hospitalizations, home health admits, and months of IV antibiotics – and I have kept going.

But this long Covid business?

Oh my word.

Stopping classes and slowing down for now is the only thing that has helped so that I can rest when I need to – which is oh-so-often.

Thankfully, my family is taking the best care of me and I am resting well and enjoying doing my home things and hopefully mending soon. ❤

At the same time, my dear Tonya, my spoonie sis who had the most horrible battle with Covid and now fights long Covid, is hospitalized with some complications that are still being sorted.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Saint Juliana, Patron Saint of the Chronically Ill. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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