geeking out on some last words.

As most of my readers know, I am writing a book about death - the dying process, coping with it, grief, those types of things. As a part of that, I do plenty of reading and research - and I've been working on something that has been really fun and interesting. Well, fun and interesting to... Continue Reading →

time to write a (long) story.

Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story? -- Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda Like many others, I was anxiously awaiting the premiere of Hamilton on Disney Plus earlier this month. I've been a long time lover of musical theatre and a performer of it in my youth and I couldn't wait to see if this actually... Continue Reading →

changing my word.

As I wrote in my previous post, I got REALLY sick earlier this month and will be on IV therapy for the next several weeks as I continue to heal. I went septic - which I'm still shaken over - and, earlier this evening, I saw this article, which hasn't helped my feelings: Apparently,... Continue Reading →

a tale of two books.

I've been in deep for the past four or five days with two books about death - one wonderful book I read while researching my own book and another one a true crime read that also gutted me, saying goodbye to a writer I adored way too young.  It started when I decided to finally read... Continue Reading →

wanting more (and less) in 2019

Yesterday morning, I read an article about Colin O' Brady becoming the first person to ever cross Antarctica unassisted, a truly incredible feat. The explorer who attempted the same, Henry Worsley, in 2016 fell ill and passed away, just 30 miles short of his goal. Still, what an amazing attempt. It is also... Continue Reading →

dancing with a limp

Yesterday just beat me down six ways to Sunday. My new doc was very kind - but full of not-great-news. Questions about why my hips are falling apart with a different kind of arthritis? Turns out that is still RA related and to be expected. Sooo I need to be getting my head around these... Continue Reading →

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