world on fire.

So, while my baby boy has been a health crisis, it also feels in the past days as if the world is caught up in an awful hateful fire too. And I have to say some things. Tragedy Strikes Saturday afternoon, news broke of a white supremacist shooter, who had just turned 21, who drove... Continue Reading →

shining light in a time of darkness

At the end of a hate-filled week, an anti-Semitic alt-right psychopath entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last Saturday and murdered eleven people during their time of worship. He injured two other worshipers as well as four police officers. It is heartbreaking and disgusting and just unbearable. After this horrific attack occurred, the... Continue Reading →

Uncle Joe Day

As I posted a few days ago, come hell or high water, my daughter and I were determined to make it to a rally for our Democratic candidate for Senate, Doug Jones, in our statewide special election. Since many of my readers aren't from my state, Alabama, let me give just a quick overview of... Continue Reading →

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