shining light in a time of darkness

Victims of the Tree of Life Massacre on Saturday. Devastating.

At the end of a hate-filled week, an anti-Semitic alt-right psychopath entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last Saturday and murdered eleven people during their time of worship. He injured two other worshipers as well as four police officers.

It is heartbreaking and disgusting and just unbearable.

After this horrific attack occurred, the president, who declined to cancel one of his rallies because of it, joked that he considered cancelling the rally for his “bad hair day.” This is what we are dealing with.

That was Saturday.

On Monday, the news broke that Trump believes he can cancel birthright citizenship for immigrant’s children with an executive order. More racism and hatred.

(And he apparently thinks he is czar now too – but we’ll save that for another time.)

So, what we can do with all of this, when it all feels SO profoundly dark and broken and ugly?

First, let’s remember this beautiful passage from the Talmud when we are overwhelmed and want to just check out on what is happening in the world – which I know happens to me about 9 times a day these days. We can’t do everything – but we each have to try to do something.

And we must continue to speak up and speak out against injustice, no matter how discouraging things may seem. If good people stand by and do nothing, evil is guaranteed to win. We have to keep fighting the good fight.

We must also remember that each individual matters. It’s easy to see such large scale injustice and feel powerless. But we can all reach out to one person – and each person is significant.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.



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